Tim Willis - Oppressional Comforts

Come in today to see the new installation in the Steep St. vault by Tim Willis "Oppressional Comforts"
Artist Statement: "How do our comforts oppress us, how do we untangle the oppression's that move through us onto others? My practice has been taking apart the technologies that act as comforts, I have found incredible richness in their bones, engaged in the process of materialization, screens that mediate our life and give an incredible extension of influence, hold inside their thin slivers, complex systems of life. I become a disavowed consumer engaged in the working of things, as my ancestors have, flesh in the complexity.

I approach this exhibition as an amorphous space constantly adding and subtracting, this is not an end point but apart of my continual practice as objects hemorrhage out of me." On now til start of April (End date tbc).