Saturday 14th December, 2019
Time: 5pm til 8pm
Location: Steep St. 84 Bathurst Rd, Katoomba
Tania Wilds is a bit of folk, a bit of pop and a lot of mood. Tania is interested in taking you somewhere, like a garden of memories or a dark hallway with a surface of light someplace, any place but the place you are standing in right now

With a contempt for conventionality and a love for experimentation, Broken Chip creates music that is electronic yet organic, machine yet human. An orchestra of fat wet boots crunching through snow, of dark leaky basements, of wind whispering through winter wastelands. It's a lesson in evoking mood

Maizy Coombes is a Blue Mountains based singer/songwriter/violinist with the capacity to tenderize your soul. Using a loop pedal to support herself, Maizy produces a unique soundscape to the everyday. Cheerful yet melancholic, Maizy's writing style has been influenced by artists such as Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, and Andrew Bird