Thru-Zero Stereo Processor

MidSide+ is an advancement of the LRMSMSLR MidSide stereo processor, offering all the functionality of the original as well as an advanced voltage-controlled through-zero width processor and a switchable HPF on the side signal. This gives you not only advanced control of the width of your stereo signals, but also the ability to create new stereo signals from mono using MS processing and then use CV to control the width of the resulting signal.

The addition of a VCA on the Mid return and a 4 Quadrant Multiplier on the Side gives you complete control of the width from Mono, through Stereo and on to Super-wide Stereo, as well as being able to reverse the stereo image and then go on to Super-wide Reverse Stereo. All processing is 100% analogue and responds at audio rate, allowing you to create thick stereo sideband signals when using an audio-rate modulation source like a VCO. The switchable HPF has minimal phase shift in the pass band and ensures mono compatibility in the low end by removing any out of phase low frequency material from your signal when engaged, letting you get as wild as you want in the stereo field.

Like all WORNG Electronics modules the interface is ergonomically designed and doesn't skimp on attenuvertors for modulation inputs.


  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12V: 40mA -12V: 43mA +5V: 0mA