Stereo Line Out 1U (v2)


Mono/Stereo audio from your Modular to Stereo Balanced Line Level Outputs.

Use the Stereo Line Out 1U system to send audio from your modular synth into power amplifiers, mixers, audio interfaces, DAWs, and other such audio gear. The system works with both balanced +4 dBu professional audio products; and with -10dbV unbalanced gear.

The Stereo Line Out 1U system comprises two components:
  • The Stereo Line Out 1U module:
  • Either a Stereo Out Jacks 1U module, or a case with built-in ¼” audio jacks, such as Intellijel’s Palette or 7U Performance Cases (with a 2nd generation Audio Jacks board).


  • Width: 8HP
  • Max Depth: 29mm
  • Power: 19mA @+12V , 12mA @-12V