Poly Effects



Virtual modular for your modular.

30 HP, 6 in 8 out, all CV & audio capable plus MIDI IO.

Hector currently contains more than 100 different modules. Huge creative flexibility with euclidean sequencers, convolution reverb, tons of effects, filters, powerful LFOs, quantiser and more. Loopler, the EDP style looper module is capable of looping multiple tracks. There’s some very powerful modules including a granular texture synthesiser, controllable chaos generator, a 16 model macro oscillator voice and a meta modulator with 7 blendable signal combining algorithms including ring modulation, comparators and cross folding.

Hector shares the same firmware as Beebo and presets can be swapped between them.

Convolution reverb allows you to capture a real space and it has become the dominant technology for studio reverb but it's very high CPU requirements have restricted its use in hardware before. With Hector it's now possible. You can easily capture a space or a vintage reverb tank you like the sound of or download one of the thousands online. You can then accurately have the sound of famous studios, concert halls, deep caves, your own bathroom or giant plate reverbs. You can also use convolution in creative ways by loading non-reverb sounds.


  • Width: 30hp
  • Power: 340 mA +12V : 10 mA -12V : 0 mA 5V