Palette 4U x 62HP powered case


Your Palette case is the ideal solution for your space conscious and portable needs. At about the same size as a small laptop, your Palette fits comfortably on your desktop; in your backpack; at your favourite coffee shop; in your jam space; or pretty much anywhere else you might desire to play. Your imagination is the only limit. With 62hp of rack space, you can piece together powerful but focused mini systems and control surfaces. Intellijel's 1U row and built-in i/o ports add a ton of extra utility to bring the most out of your eurorack modules. Truly a palette for the sonic artist.


  • - Two built-in 1x4 buffered mults (chainable into a 1 x 8) with input level/polarity LED
  • - Built-in MIDI Input (both USB and ⅛” TRS MIDI via the supplied 5-pin DIN adapter)
  • - Two ¼” TRS jacks, which can function as either two outputs (ideal for configuring Palette as a synthesizer), two inputs (perfect for those using Palette as an effects processor), or an input/output combination (ideal for sending and returning signal to an external effects module or stomp box.
  • - Robust power circuit with 12 shrouded power connectors, capable of supplying up to 1.2A of both +12V and -12V to your Eurorack modules.
  • - Two 5V connectors, delivering up to 500mA between them.
  • - Access connectors for internally connecting I/O modules to the built-in MIDI and Audio Jacks
  • - Link connector for plugging supported products (like a Mixup module) directly into the ¼” jacks.
  • Utilities panel
  • - Dual 1:4 buffered multiple.
  • - Two 1/4″ balanced audio jacks that can be connected to the Stereo Line Out 1U, Stereo Line In 1U, Pedal I/O 1U or Mixup.
  • - ⅛” (3.5mm) MIDI Input that can be connected to µMIDI 1U.
  • - USB port that connects to the µMIDI 1U and other future modules.
  • - Rocker switch and barrel plug for power entry


  • Width: 62HP
  • Power: 1.2mA @+12V , 1.2mA @-12V , 500mA @+5V