XOR Electronics

NerdSEQ CV16 Expander (Black)


This is the CV 16 Expander Black for the NerdSEQ

It adds 16 additional CV outputs to the NerdSEQ.

This is not a standalone product! It works only together with the NerdSEQ.

The CV16 expander will be delivered with a ribbon cable for the interconnection.


  • The CV outputs can be either pitch or note scaled (in pairs of 0..10 Volt or -5/+5 Volt). Beside being outputs for notes or pitches with glide settings for each output, it also contains several modulators which can be routed to each output (pure or adding to the current voltage):
  • 8 ASR (Attack Sustain Release) Envelopes with Attack, Release and Sustain settings for each Envelope.
  • 8 LFO with the following waveforms: Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, Noise and Random (randomly mixing through the waveforms).
  • The modulators can be manipulated in their stage and attributes from each sequencer step. The CV16 expander enhances the NerdSEQ with Polyphonic sequencing and recording within one or multiple tracks.


  • Width: 8hp