Noise Tools 1u


Add some chaos to your order. At its core Noise Tools generates pulses and a noise signal, these provide the normalled signals for a sample/track and hold circuit and a slew circuit. Patch in your own signal to break the normals, we're sure you have some ideas.

Though many consider noise to be an undesirable and unwanted nuisance, synthesists know its value as a source of breathy nuance, crackling sizzle, chaotic roars and subtle silkiness. When applied effectively, it can add that touch of the unexpected and the random, which brings a patch to life.

Noise Tools provides this essential dose of randomness in three blocks. First is a Pulse output, switchable between a steady clock or a random flurry of gates. Second is a sample and hold circuit. Third is a slew limiter. The blocks feed each other from left to right, but feature inputs to break this normalling, providing a useful balance of functionality and flexibility.


  • Clock and Random pulse source with adjustable rate.
  • Analog pink and white noise source with very accurate spectrum.
  • Analog sample / track and hold with very low voltage droop.
  • Analog slew with adjustable slew rate.


  • Width: 22HP
  • Max Depth: 29mm
  • Power: 30mA @ 12V 30mA @ -12V