Line In 1U


Balanced Line Level Input to Eurorack Level Shifter

Desktop gear is popular for a reason, but your eurorack system is like no one else's. Patch and process your favorite line level audio (balanced or not) through your rack. Adjust the volume as needed.

Audio Wick

This module allows you to connect and route external audio into your Eurorack modular system. It is a compact and simple way to patch in external line-level instruments (like synths and drum machines), outputs from your DAW, rack-mount or desktop FX units, or any other line-level source. Simply connect your source to the Line In 1U 1/4″ jack, where it’s transformed into eurorack levels, and ready to patch into any module through the 1/8″ output.


  • Input path boosts a -10dBV or +4dBU balanced line level signal to Eurorack modular signal with adjustable gain
  • 1 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ input path to Eurorack modular signal level
  • Uses a high quality THATCorp balanced line receiver IC


  • Width: 10HP
  • Max Depth: 27mm
  • Power: 9mA @+12V , 9mA @-12V