Frap Tools

Falistri - Movement Manager


The FALISTRI is a fully analog multipurpose movement manager designed to generate and edit voltages to easily accomplish any patch.

The module can be divided into two big parts: in the upper two-thirds of the panel take place two specular function generators, while the lower third is composed by a dual cascaded frequency divider, a linear slew limiter, and a four-quadrant multiplier.


    • Two generators as envelopes or oscillators
    • Independent shape per stage
    • Independent time from shape
    • Quadrature mode for both envelope or oscillator mode
    • Manual buttons for realtime performance and ease of interaction
    • Unipolar bipolar and attenuverted output
    • EOR and EOF digital outputs
    • Two cascaded flip-flop for sub oscillators, clock dividers or more rhythmical combinations
    • DC-coupled four quadrant multiplier usable for AM RM or as VCA
    • Slew limiter with separated rise and fall
    • Analog design


    • Width: 18HP
    • Max Depth: 38mm
    • Power: