Dual VCO and LFO

Old people will remember the sound of their Commodore, Atari, and NES systems. We started with the idea that Chipz would be a 3 oscillator synth that takes you to an alternate universe in which your old console isn't for playing video games but is a module in your eurorack compatible system. As we were developing the ultimate chiptune module, our manufacturer’s sourcing department convinced us to do otherwise. So instead of actually making the chiptune module, we just kept the name Chipz and made something all together different with 3 oscillators, well not really.

Our marketing guy (who disapproves of calling you old) wants us to say a whole bunch of other stuff here to make you feel nostalgic, but we're afraid of being sued (and we don’t much care for our marketing person, so were not going to do anything they suggest).


  • chip1 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
  • chip2 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
  • LFO - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
  • 0-5V voltage range LFO output 1
  • 0-5.8V voltage range LFO output 2
  • Frequency range of oscillators : chip1 - out 91 ~ 1.47K : chip2 - out 91 ~ 1.47K : lfo - out1 75.75m ~ 2 : lfo - out2 370m ~ 10
  • Input voltage range of oscillators = 0-10V
  • Minimum voltage required to set LFO trigger input high = 0.7 ~ 5V


  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 35mA power draw when running +12V rail 30mA power draw when running +5V rail 19mA power draw when running -12V