ALM Busy Circuits

MFX - Stereo Multi Effects Processor


The MFX is a compact 6HP Eurorack stereo digital audio multi effects processor. It offers 14 different full featured effects programs plus a number of metering utilities.

Inspired by our favourite classic hardware effects processors, the MFX incorporates DSP technologies from the dawn of digital effects in the 70s to the present day. This combines with ALM character and uniqueness to form a highly useful, fun and practical Eurorack effects module. 

Reshape sounds with the distortion and dynamics engines. Bend time space and pitch with multiple feature rich reverb and delay engines. Modulate signals with the flexible panner, frequency shifter, and range of ensemble effects. Fracture sounds with the one of a kind granular and glitch engines. Check signals and tune oscillators with various utilities. 

The MFX user interface is designed to be familiar, quick and easy to use. Each program contains a wide range of controllable parameters both directly editable or freely assigned to CV or clocked control. Additionally, each program includes factory presets as well as the ability to store and recall user presets. All states are preserved across power cycles.

Effect Program List:

Digi-PCM Echo
Feature rich digital delay taking inspiration from early prime time rack delay units with added modern features.

Tape-Tech Echo
Tape style delay with a digital pitch shifter bolted on.

Crumbular Echo
More experimental granular style echo.

Ursa Minor Echoverb
Emulation of the classic Ursa Major ‘Space station’ providing more delays and reverb type effects.

Pocket PL8 Reverb
Emulation of very early digital style reverbs with a dense metallic sound.

Almicon Reverb
Emulation of 80s studio style reverb great for bright rooms and vast synthetic spaces.

Quaidra Reverb
Emulation of a popular 90s rack reverb. Excels at creating airy, atmospheric reverbs.

Yetti Reverb
A more modern FDN based reverb engine. Added pitch shifter for other worldly effects.

TY-50 Compressor
Flexible modern compressor great for adding punch, smoothing transients or as a clean mix bus compressor.

Transient Shaper
Fast acting dynamics processor for reshaping the attack and release envelope of any sound.

TH-30 Distortion
A versatile distortion program with distortion types ranging from analog style saturation to intense digital wavefolding.

2051 Bit Corrupter
Real-time audio buffer designed to imitate malfunctioning digital audio equipment.

Modulating Panner
Clock-syncable mono or stereo auto-pan with an additional scan mode that cross fades between 2 input signals. Use for VCA, Panner, crossfader, tremolo type effects.

Ring + Freq Modulator
Pair of classic modulation effects in stereo, tailored towards otherworldly and dissonant sounds.

Ensembles Ensemble
Simulation of classic chorus and ensemble effects. An added digital pitch shifter takes the effect beyond traditional chorus circuits.

Multi Phaser
Great sounding multi stage Phaser with numerous editable parameters.

Simple oscilloscope and VCO tuner.


  • A large collection of effects programs with numerous controllable parameters
  • All settings remain between power cycles
  • Factory and user saveable presets per effect
  • True stereo I/O paths
  • 3 freely assignable CV inputs and 1 clock / trigger input
  • Support for the ‘Axon-1’ expander for up to 7 assignable CV inputs
  • USB-C for quick and easy ‘drag and drop’ firmware updates via computer
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection
  • Made in England


  • Width: 6HP
  • Max Depth: 32mm
  • Power: 50mA @+12V , 15mA @-12V , 0mA @+5V