GOBLET - Optocoupler Filther


GOBLET is an analog filter and distortion unit with some added quirks and extra controls.

• To make stuff sound filthy.
• To shape the output of an oscillator.
• To live interact with the sound during a performance.
• To soft sweep the cutoff thanks to the optocouplers logarithmic response.

• Simple waves – make them unrecognizable.
• Complex waves – shape them into something new.
• Percussions – crank the resonance and give an acid twist to a beat.
• No input – play with the feedback and the touch controls.


  • Unique analog two pole circuit with custom optocouplers fed directly in the feedback path.
  • Two step controls and individual CV inputs on frequency and resonance for precise sound sculpting.
  • Dedicated potentiometer for the total amount of feedback.
  • A performance-oriented momentary switch for extra distortion
  • Two expressive touch points to make your body interact with the circuit.
  • Rhythmically oriented accent CV input.
  • Two outputs – a smoother LP and an aggressive notch.
  • Works with audio and CV sources.
  • Single board design – extremely skiff friendly.
  • “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Power: 45mA +12V • 25mA -12V